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August 07 2022

Isabella Hyser is tearing it up on the cross country circuit this year. We are stoked that when she races, she choses Lume Six sports bras. We had a chance to catch up with her and learn more about what got her into riding, her racing season this year and some of her favorite snacks and past times. Be sure to check out her workout playlist on Spotify, linked below!

Isabella Hyser Racing Cross Country Mountain Bike Racing

"After that I was pretty much hooked and there was no looking back"

How did you get into cycling & cross country?

I started mountain biking with my dad for fun a few times a week and watching the UCI World Cup races on Redbull TV. Eventually my dad signed us up for a local mountain bike race and I had so much fun. It rained the entire race and I was covered in mud, but it is still one of the best times I’ve had on my bike. When I was 13 we moved from New Hampshire back south to Alabama. We moved in to our new house on a Tuesday, went to our first NICA practice that Thursday, and I did my first NICA race the next weekend. After that I was pretty much hooked and there was no looking back.

How are you feeling this year? Is there a race or trip you are particularly excited about?

This year has been super challenging. I’m now race age 19, which means I race with the U23 ladies when there’s a U23 category, but usually we get thrown in with the Pro/Elite women ( Kate Courtney, Hannah Otto, Emily Batty and some other super strong ladies). At first it was hard to not get discouraged, but now that I’ve got some UCI points on the board, starting positions are better and I’m able to avoid some of the chaos at the back of the group.

This year I am particularly excited for two races. The first is coming up here next weekend in the Asheville area of North Carolina. It’s part of the Belgian Waffle Ride series and will be 130 miles of mixed surface racing. Second, I’m super excited for the UCI World Cup race in Snowshoe, West Virginia. I’ve petitioned for a starting position. Fingers crossed I get to go.

Do you have any specific goals with racing?

My goal in cycling is to be a well-rounded athlete that is a approachable and a role model to all young athletes, especially the up-and-coming young ladies.

What is your favorite memory from racing?

I have so many good memories from racing… This is a super hard question. I’d have to say my first sprint finish at my second ever NICA race in 7th grade. That whole race started a friendly rivalry between one of my best friends and me. We still have fun racing and training together.

What does a typical week of training look like for you right now?

A week of training right now usually consists of 6 rides, and about an hour in the gym split between two days. The rides can vary from 1-3.5 hours, usually the shorter rides are more structured or have an interval workout in the beginning or middle.

What is your favorite outdoor activity aside from cycling/cross country?

I just like to be outside. Hiking, swimming, trail running, and some rock climbing.

What was your favorite thing to do outside as a kid?

My favorite thing to do as a kid was just romp around in the woods, usually trying to build a fort, but ultimately getting sidetracked. I moved to Vermont when I was five years old so I had so many awesome outdoors experiences thanks to being homeschooled.

Is there a sport or activity you would really like to try but never have??

I’d really like to go backpacking for a few days sometime.

What is your favorite snack while exercising?

If there’s a gas station stop on a long ride I usually get a Snickers bar. I also like to bring sour gummy worms. For shorter rides it’s stroop waffles and gels.

What is your favorite post-exercise meal?

My favorite post ride meal would have to be a chicken burrito with beans and rice.

Which Lume Six sports bra are you wearing and what do you like about it?

When I race I wear the High Impact bra. I love how nothing is digging into my shoulders or pinching anywhere. It’s also super supportive, which is a priority when the trails get bumpy

Is there somewhere you really want to travel to for cycling/cross country?

I really want to get to Europe for some racing. 

What would an ideal vacation look like to you?

My ideal vacation would be going to a lake house and doing long rides in the mornings and going out on the lake in the evenings to watch the sun go down after some wakeboarding or tubing.

What is your favorite time of day and why?

My favorite time of day would probably be the evenings because it’s a chill time of day. After everyone has worked hard all day and you get to enjoy some chill time with friends and family

Isabella's Workout Playlist

Check out Isabella's workout playlist on Spotify. Click here to listen.

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