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My Journey to Better Sports Bras

My Journey to Better Sports Bras

My journey to better sports bras

How a lifetime of pain and discomfort inspired the next generation of sports bras.

Looking back, I realize that I have always struggled to find the perfect sports bra…honestly, I have always struggled to even find a mediocre sports bra!

In high school I used to wear two sports bras to try to keep my bounce from hurting and moving all over the place, but that made it difficult to breathe. Sports bras have certainly gotten better over the years, but I’ll never forget a few memorable moments when I realized that companies making sports bras didn’t understand what I needed:

The first was when I bought the highest support sports bra from a high-end brand, thinking that surely the high price would mean a product that worked. But the straps went over my shoulders in a way that caused a whole new kind of pain...and the bra still restricted my breathing. What a waste of money! 

The second was when I bought some of the latest and greatest sports bras for larger chest sizes. I couldn’t believe what I was trying on…it was a ridiculously gigantic garment to go around my boobs, but didn’t even control them. On top of that the material was thick and heavy, hot and constricting. 

Finally, after a few months of wearing what I considered the best fitting and feeling sports bra I had ever had, I developed excruciating shoulder pain linked directly to the strap design. I couldn’t help but think that I should be able to find a sports bra that supported me without causing pain. It was really frustrating. Why was it so hard?

I got fed up searching for a solution and decided to take action to solve my bra problems. Using my comprehensive experience developing performance apparel in the cycling and snow industries, I created my dream-bra checklist:

Dream Sports Bra

Check List:

  • Needs to be supportive, but also something I can breathe and move in. 
  • Needs to be lightweight & breathable
  • Needs to have comfortable straps
  • Needs to have a band that lays flat
  • Needs to be constructed for maximum comfort/minimal irritation
  • Needs to having padding built in or no padding at all
  • Needs to look good on me!

I can say confidently that after three years of hard work, I have achieved all of these goals and more with the launch of Lume Six sports bras. 

As a woman with a chest that needs support for my activities, Lume Six sports bras are the best I have ever used and I truly believe that you will feel the same way too. I hope that you will try the product for yourself and experience “sports bras reimagined”.

Check back for more updates about what we have going on in the near future...Exciting stuff is in the works!

See you out there,  Margaux



The do anything bra! I wear this bra every day and it's my go-to for things that I don't need as much support for or if I'd prefer something super light weight with maximum breathability. I wear this on every mountain bike ride and sometimes yoga, though the higher cut of the Cirra keeps my ta-tas nice and wrapped up :)                   .   


I needed a bra with a high level of support and evenly distributed weight to not have pain while running. This one is a game changer for me - no more shoulder and boob pain while I'm running! It felt like freedom when I ran in this bra for the first time and finally felt supported and able to breathe. I also love the extra coverage of this one when I want to be more covered up.

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  • What an inspiration! Loving my bras! My ta-tas thank you!


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