Product Highlight: Alta Medium Impact Sports Bra

February 22 2023

Learn all about the Alta Medium Impact Sports Bra, our most versatile sports bra.

Alta Medium Impact Sports Bra


The Alta Medium Impact Sports Bra combines our DreamSupport fabric on the front with the FeatherAir fabric on the back. 

The DreamSupport sports bra fabric provides maximum support and compression where you need it. The texture in the DreamSupport fabric also has performance benefits -- it is designed to pull moisture away from the body for quick drying characteristics. Quick-drying fabrics used in a sports bra help to improve thermoregulation while exercising, overall comfort, and reduces chafing. 

The FeatherAir fabric is our lightest weight fabric and maximizes the lightweight feel and high breathability of the sports bra. 

Alta Medium Impact Sports Bra


The Alta Medium Impact Sports Bra is designed to combine a moderate to high level of support with a lower cut to maximize comfort, breathability and freedom of movement. 

The moderate support is created by our performance fabrics combined with an overall compression-oriented fit. While the support level is higher than other medium impact sports bras available, it is less than our high impact model, the Cirra High Impact Sports Bra. 

The Alta Medium Impact Sports Bra is lower cut at the front neck and sides, making the sports bra feel lighter and have a less compressive feel over the entire chest area when compared to the feel of the Cirra. 

This design creates a medium impact sports bra that feels highly breathable, ultralightweight and supportive without being overly cumbersome or more support than needed for a wide range of activities. 

Alta Medium Impact Sports Bra

Comfort-Focused Features

The Alta Medium Impact Sports Bra features all of our standard Lume Six comfort-focused features. These elevate the experience while being active and make the sports bra feel like it disappears on you. We believe you shouldn't be distracted or irritated by your sports bra. A great sports bra supports you without distraction. 

  • Alleviate Straps Designed to be comfortable for your shoulders and neck...our Alleviate sports bra straps are engineered to lay flat so they won't bunch up and create pressure points on your shoulders. This allows for even distribution of weight and maximum comfort
  • Streamline Seams Created to be smooth and comfortable on your skin...our Streamline bonded seams minimize irritation by removing thread that can be abrasive and cause discomfort and chafing. The seamless construction makes the sports bra feel like it disappears on you. 
  • Halo Elastic Band Engineered to lay flat for a foundation of support...After designing and testing countless versions, we finally developed a band that lays flat while you're being active. Having consistent structure here without collapsing is important for creating the support needed while exercising.
  • Breezeway Front Ventilation Strategically placed breathability where you need it most...the front of our sports bras have only a single layer of material allowing for maximum airflow and breathability in a high-heat area.
  • Support Seams Wrap-around support and compression...the seams on the lower front part of our sports bras were created to improve the under-bust fit by lifting and creating wrap-around compression from underneath.


We believe in having options. There is no one size fits all with sports bras. People have so much variety in the activities they do, personal preference, body shapes and sizes, and breast tissue composition. For this reason, all our sports bras including the Alta Medium Impact Sports Bra have a couple of unique options, meant to tailor to your needs. 

Extended Sizes

Mix and Match Band and Cup Sizes!

One common fit issue for sports bras is the feeling that fit is good in one area, but not quite right in another area. To solve this, we have extended sizes so you can find the perfect fit.

For example, we have size medium (medium chest/medium band), also available in extended sizes:

- medium chest/small band

- medium chest/large band

...and so on for each size.

Sewn-In Light Lining or Unlined

Who likes removable padding? No one we know! We believe women prefer one or the other depending on their climate and coverage needs. We offer two unique versions when choosing your sports bra:

1. Lightly lined (sewn in to help conceal headlights)

2. Unlined (for the ultimate lightweight sports bra)

Sewn-in Light Lining: Available in all styles & colors

Unlined: Available in all styles, black color only

From the Founder...

"The Alta Medium Impact Sports Bra is my go-to sports bra for pretty much everything! When I was designing and developing the Alta, I did a lot of wear testing while mountain biking, which is my main sport. It is by far the best sports bra I have ever worn mountain biking because it supports me better without being restrictive, doesn't cause any pain or irritation when I'm out riding for a while or am wearing a pack, and is super lightweight and fast drying which is so much more comfortable and great for hot days!

I am a size 36D-DD and I would say I wear the Cirra High Impact Sports Bra for running, and the Alta Medium Impact Sports Bra for pretty much everything else. Occasionally I'll wear the Cirra when mountain biking if I'm doing a lot of descending or the trails have gotten rough over the summer :)"

-Margaux Elliott, founder

Now you know all the details about our Alta Medium Impact Sports Bra! If you have any additional questions, please reach out to our team.


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