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Sports Bras That Have Been Tried & Tested

Sports Bras That Have Been Tried & Tested

Sports Bras That Last.

If you have been wondering if Lume Six sports bras are durable enough to withstand your exercise routine, we have proof. 

Margaux here, founder and creator of Lume Six. In 2020, I became the first woman to climb one million feet on a mountain bike in one year. During that year I was doing product testing for the sports bras. I spent the majority of the year in one sports bra (the Alta Medium Impact, my preference for mountain biking). Not only one model, but the same sample for practically the entire year. 

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This sports bra went through the wringer. I rode 5 to 6 days a week, adding up to 1,130 hours of riding that year. I washed the sports bra every 1-3 rides. I would wash it with warm water and always put it in the dryer, just to see what the bra could withstand. The sports bra maintained its shape and support without showing any signs of significant wear & tear. And more importantly than that, it was actually COMFORTABLE and I no longer felt the pain and discomfort I had from other sports bras…every once in a while, I would go back to one of my “other” sports bras to see how it compared and I couldn't wait to go back to my Lume Six bra…the others felt heavy, uncomfortable, unsupportive and stayed damp forever...even the ones I used to think of as the better sports bras I had. 


Most sports bras are made out of knit fabrics, instead, we use high-performance Italian stretch woven fabric. Woven fabric is able to be lighter-weight, faster-drying, and maintains its structure and shape over time.  Most sports bras use cheap trims that lose their elasticity over time. Our elastic band is high quality, meaning that it maintains its recovery and doesn’t lose its shape.  And to put it all together, we use a best-in-class manufacturer skilled at making high-quality sports apparel. They are experts at bonded seams and premium construction. All this means your sports bra will support you longer and not need to be replaced so quickly. We think it is ridiculous that other brands recommend replacing your sports bra every 6 months…by making a better product, you will be able to use it longer, which also by the way is better for our planet!  



Alta Medium Impact Sports Bra

Alta Medium Impact Sports Bra

Cirra High Impact Sports Bra

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