Women Led Wednesday Gift Guide!

November 19 2023

Our guift guide to celebrate Women-Led Wednesday!

Women-Led Wednesday (like Small Business Saturday) is a purpose-driven holiday that encourages the public to shop women-led businesses to support and uplift women in leadership. When we invest in women in business, more women become empowered to be leaders themselves. Thought leaders. Philanthropic leaders. And so much more. 

When we support women entrepreneurs (as well as organizations like #WOMENLEDWEDNESDAY and legislation that supports women in business), we advance innovation, economic growth, and empower women financially. It not only benefits society from a social responsibility standpoint but as an investment in a vital portion of our economy.

So join us in this joyous of movements and shop Women-Led! See some of our favorite women-owned brands below, or see the whole list by visiting the Women-Led Wednesday website!

Women-Led Wednesday Gift Guide

Alpine Fit - Outdoor Gear, Made In Alaska

Alpine Fit is an Anchorage, Alaska-based brand that makes adventure-ready, premium odor-eliminating outdoor apparel, baselayers & accessories. They make all their products in the USA, and many of them in Alaska.

We personally love their Rendezvous Ridge Long Sleeve and Merino Lined Headband for chilly nights commuting on our e-bike :)

Alpine Fit also won Alaska women-owned business of the year from the U.S. Small Business Administration!

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Women Led Wednesday Gift Guide: Alpine Fit

Surf Durt - Reef-Safe Sunscreen

Did you know that 90% of sunscreens on the market are extremely toxic to coral reefs? One drop is enough to damage (the equivalent of) up to 6-olympic-sized swimming pools worth of coral reef. Surf Durt was founded to create a sunscreen that protected skin without compromising the planet.

Max and Nikki worked on a solution with Max's dad, a Phd chemist surfer from Hawaii, and Surf Durt was born! Non-nano Zinc, safe and high-quality ingredients that do wonders for your skin. Based in San Diego, California.

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Women-Led Wednesday Gift Guide: Surf Durt

Lume Six - Sports Bras for Active Women

We started Lume Six because we believe that women deserve better sports bras. We believe that being women-founded allows us to make the best decisions about our products to better serve women athletes and adventurers. 

We make sports bras that are supportive, lightweight and comfortable, made to support active women.

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Women-Led Wednesday Gift Guide: Lume Six

Tunitas Creative - Soft Goods Design Studio

Tunitas was born as a bike bag brand. Sensing a desire to do more than bike bags, they recently rebranded as Tunitas Creative, a soft goods design studio. As Tunitas Creative, it has opened up the possibility for other soft goods outside of the cycling world and to be able to collaborate with other artists and designers.

All products are designed, prototyped and sewn in house by Jessica. Based in San Francisco, California.

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Kama Surface Co. - Portable Surfaces for Your Next Adventure

Kama makes portable surfaces that are durable for any adventure.

Originally designed with yoga in mind, they were made to keep stable on uneven ground, be portable and rugged enough to withstand rain & sun.

They have evolved from there with different sizes and straps to make sure you can take them anywhere. Based in Truckee, California.

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Alpen Outdoors - The Best Backcountry Pant For Women

Merit founded Alpen Outdoors to create a backcountry hiking pant meant for women. She wanted gear that matched my hustle and knew she wasn’t alone in that.

Alpen is on a mission to get women outdoors and in the right gear.

Whatever your pursuit may be, Alpen will help you get there. Based in Bozeman, Montana.

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Buttnski - Outdoor Gear With Style

Buttnski wants to help people have more fun doing what they love outside, without sacrificing style for performance.

Inspired by performance gear from decades past, but making them better and modernizing the aesthetic, they are making gear you actually want to wear. Based in Summit County, CO.

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Celebrate Women-Led Wednesday!


Thank you for stopping by! On a personal note, support through purchases to a small business means LEAPS AND BOUNDS to the real people behind these brands. The human (aka. me/Margaux) behind Lume Six truly feels fulfilled and happy to engage with people who come to us looking for a better sports bra and are overjoyed when it turns out to be the right one. Thank you for supporting a small business and please consider doing so when you can with any of your purchasing decisions… while you're at it, we believe women deserve better in many ways, not just their sports bras...so buying from a. woman-owned small business is two gold stars in our books :)


Didn't see what you are looking for? Click here to see the entire directory of women-led brands!



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