Getting to Know: Lara Hamilton

September 05 2022

Lara Hamilton is an Australian Distance Runner who grew up Nordic Skiing and found her way to XC running, now focused on trail and longer distance events. We are stoked that when she races, she chooses Lume Six sports bras, specifically the Alta Medium Impact Sports Bra. We had a chance to catch up with her and learn more about what got her into running, her racing season this year and a little more about her workout routines. Be sure to check out her workout playlist on Spotify, linked below!

Lara Hamilton Ultra Long Distance Runner

Tell us how you got into running?

I grew up Nordic skiing competitively and would use running as a way to cross train. It wasn’t until my final year of high school that I began to consider training properly for the sport. What incentivized me to pursue distance running further was entering the Sydney Harbour 5k in 2015 on a whim, and accidentally winning the event. I enjoyed the whole process too - the warm up, the race, the finish and the camerarderie. I got a coach and joined Run Crew in 2016, and never looked back!

How are you feeling this year? Is there a race or trip you are particularly excited about?

Coming into this year I have had a ‘try it and see what happens kind of attitude. It’s my first trail race season out of college and the NCAA system, and competing entirely overseas, so I really threw myself into the deep end. I love it though! 

We are about to leave for Norway to race Stranda Fjord Trail Race, so I’m very excited about that. It’ll be my first European trail race and first time to Norway!

"I really threw myself into the deep end. I love it though! "

Do you have any specific goals with racing?

The goals for this season aren’t super specific. However, I want to establish some starting marks over varied trail race distances. For example, I ran my first marathon, first shorter ultra and will run my first European trail race this season. I’m really excited to take in these new race experiences and environments - different to the Australian trail scene, NCAA scene and track/XC over the years!

What is your favorite memory from racing?

I have to say that winning the U20 Australian XC Champs in 2017 is right up there, as that’s not something that happens very often. I put in the time and work, and it all came together on the day. I really enjoyed my time racing in St Gallen, Switzerland for World Uni XC too (2018) - there was log steeples, muddy hills and parts that resembled motocross mounds. It was true cross country and I loved it.


What does a typical week of training look like for you right now?

Training peaks and tapers around races in the season. At the moment, it has been higher intensity and medium volume in the lead up to Stranda Fjord in Norway. Monday is a rest day, which is just as important as a training day. The time allows for repair of the damage done during training. 

Tuesday is typically faster intervals, either hills or on the flat. I also add in plyometric work. 
Wednesday is a mid week longer run.
Thursday will be another run, normally 75 minutes + hills or flat 100m strides.
Friday is workout no.2 - this one is often longer, including tempo runs, fartleks, or long intervals.
Saturday and Sunday are long runs. One day will be longer than the other, often 2.5-3.5 hrs.

Lara's Workout Playlist

Check out Lara's workout playlist on Spotify. 

Click here to listen.

Trail Running Workout Playlist

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