Monday Motivation: Inspiration & A Good Cause

October 09 2022

Motivation to help you stay active, healthy and inspired this week

Monday Motivation Happy Browsing
Mardi + The Whites

Paula Champagne's Documentary "Mardi + The Whites"

This incredibly beautiful documentary was created and made by women to tell the story of Mardi Fuller and her relationship with the outdoors and experience exploring the White Mountains in New Hampshire as a black woman. 

Know Your Lemons Breast Cancer Awareness Raffle

Know Your Lemons is a spectacular charity organization founded by Dr. Corrine Ellsworth-Beaumont. Through creative design and education, they are on a mission to improve early detection of breast cancer worldwide. Entering the giveaway helps fund their education programs and initiatives!

@alongcameabby Explorers don

Our Favorite Reel of the Week

@alongcameabby knows what's up...

2022 GRLSWRL Swirl Surf Skate Fest
Image from​​

2022 GRLSWRL Swirl Surf Skate Fest in Venice Beach, California

This just looks like an epic good time. "Surf paddle out & surfskate style competition with legendary judges and big prizes!" according to their website...followed by live music & an after party. Check out their reel on Instagram too...if we weren't booked up that weekend, we would be there. 

Brands We Love: Kama Surface Co.

Kama Surface Co. was founded by Rachel and based out of Truckee, California. The mats are modular, durable and comfortable and made in Baja. Since launching, they have added different sizes depending on your next adventure...

“When a great adventure's offered you, you don't refuse it.” – Amelia Earhart


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