Best High Support Sports Bra

November 08 2022

Lume Six sports bras are designed to be different from the rest. We didn’t want to miss a beat when designing our sports bras, including our high support sports bra. We prioritized maximum comfort, so you can forget about your sports bra and focus on your adventures.

Best High Support Sports Bra

Which is the best high support sports bra?

Best High Support Sports Bra

The best high support sports bra in our opinion is the Cirra High Impact Sports Bra (check it out by clicking here). The Cirra High Impact Sports Bra was created for maximum support and coverage. We recommend this sports bra for high-impact activities, including running, mountain biking, adventure racing, CrossFit, and backcountry skiing, you name it! Treat this sports bra like a piece of equipment - reliable, functional, and comfortable. 

The Cirra Lume Six sports bra is the best high support sports bra for a few reasons:

  • Your shoulders and neck will thank you! The Cirra high support and high impact sports bra have ‘Alleviate Straps’. These don’t bunch up, develop painful marks on your skin, and ensure weight is distributed evenly. 

  • Seamless construction means bye-bye thread irritation. Lume Six decided to go seamless to remove the possibility of irritation, chafing, and nasty rashes.

  • This high support sports bra lets you breathe! With lightweight, breathable fabric, and front ventilation, say goodbye to bad sweat marks! 

  • Customize your sports bra to be lined or un-lined! For a high support sports bra, we recommend choosing the lightly lined option, which is sewn in to help conceal headlights. But if you prefer ultra-lightweight, or aren’t concerned with coverage, the un-lined is for you.

  • Extended sizing to customize your sports bra fit! At Lume Six we want to make sure that your sports bra fits well everywhere. We offer customizable chest and band sizes.

How does Lume Six ensure their bras are the best high support sports bras?

All our bras have wrap-around support and compression created by combining premium fabrics with thoughtful design. We wanted to ensure that we could improve the under-bust fit (in comparison to most sports bras on the market), by approaching compression and lifting from under the bust with our ‘Support Seams’.

What are the best sports bras for support?

Best Sports Bra For Running

Lume Six sports bra sizing ranges from XS to XXXL, and we also offer extended sizing to mix-and-match chest and band sizes. We want to ensure that your high-support sports bra provides you with the best fit possible to do the activity you love! 

Our DreamSupport fabric is made from recycled materials to reduce our impact, and 1% of our sales will go to 1% for the planet. 

We have two versions of the Cirra High Impact Sports Bra, a lined and unlined version. The lightly lined versions will conform to your natural shape, whilst the unlined version is great for ultra lightweight and faster drying times.

We think you’ll love the Cirra high-impact and high support sports bra - order yours by clicking here

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