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Streamline Bonded Seams Sports Bra

The Key to Comfort - Streamline Seams

Hello, comfort!

Sports bras should be comfortable. Nothing is worse than exercising and feeling a constant itch or irritation from your sports bra.

Our goal has always been to create the best possible sports bra. A key part of that was to address issues we had always experienced - like irritating seams!

(read on below for more information about thread, traditional seams, and our bonded streamline seams...


Traditional seams are great, but not for a compressive, next-to-skin garment like a sports bra. A seam is made with thread going in and out of the fabric to join it together, which creates a ridge of thread edges. These edges can cause major irritation, especially when sweating and moving around.  


Our sports bras are made with bonded seams, creating a smooth and soft surface that does not irritate. We call them Streamline Seams because the effect is a sports bra that moves with you, stretches, and has a consistent, supportive feel. 


We put our sports bras through rigorous testing to make sure every aspect would hold up to daily use (read more about our wear testing here). Bonded seams are very durable since they are applied at a high temperature, which adheres to the fabric. We use extremely skilled manufacturing partners known for high-quality execution of these details. 


Yes, it's true...there are a couple of spots where we needed to have traditional seams for the best performance of the sports bra, like at the elastic band. Since we had to use thread, we flipped the seam inside out so that the majority of thread edges are facing away from your body. This is a little detail that makes a significant difference with how the sports bra feels on your body while moving. 


You deserve a better sports bra. This is the #1 most important piece of sports equipment and you shouldn't have to put up with anything less than the best.

We believe that when women have the best equipment, they will be able to enjoy and pursue their sports and activities to the utmost potential. 

Don't settle for a sports bra you don't like or one that causes irritation. You deserve better. 

All Lume Six sports bras feature bonded Streamline Seams...

Alta Medium Impact Sports Bra

Alta Medium Impact Sports Bra

Cirra High Impact Sports Bra

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