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Sand Point Hoodie

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Our sports bras are compression-oriented. We recommend that you order your typical size, plus one size up to try in your first order. We offer free shipping + free returns so you can order multiple and return what you don't want to help make sure you find the right size.

Most of our customers find our sports bras true to size, and the rest size up.

Size varies greatly based on measurements, breast tissue composition, intended activity, and personal preference. We have a size chart below for guidance...

To find your size, use a fabric measuring tape to measure the circumference around your rib cage right below your bust and around your bust at the widest point. 

The chart below is for our standard sizes XS-XXL. If you find that you are at the upper or lower ends of the measurement range, you may want to consider our extended sizes which allow you to mix band and chest sizes. For more info on that, click here.

XS 25 - 29 27 - 31
S 27 - 32 30 - 36
M 29 - 34 35 - 41
L 33 - 39 40 - 46
XL 38 - 41

45 - 49

XXL 39-43

49 - 53


Lume Six Sports Bra Size Chart

 Sizing is subjective and preferences vary depending on the intended activity and personal preference. If you are unsure of your size, 

Color: Mauve
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