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Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation: Mardi + The Whites, Know Your Lemons

Oct 9, 2022

Monday Motivation: Inspiration & A Good Cause

Motivation to help you stay active, healthy and inspired this week ...

Apr 3, 2022

Monday Motivation: Active & Inspired

The yoga routine you've been searching for, a delicious spring soup recipe, where to watch the first UCI World Cup Cross Country race, and the latest place we're dreaming of traveling to...


Product Highlight: Cirra High Impact Sports Bra

Learn about the fabric, design, features and options that make the Cirra High Impact Sports Bra unique.

High Impact vs. Medium Impact Sports Bra

Sports bras can be designed and constructed ...

Product Highlight: Alta Medium Impact Sports Bra

Discover the fabrics, design, features and options that make the Lume Six Alta Medium Impact Sports Bra unique.


Getting to Know: Ella Conolly, Enduro Racer

Ella Conolly is an enduro racer going for the win this year for the UCI World Mountain Bike Enduro Series! We caught up with her to see how her off-season has been, what training is like these days and most importantly, what her favorite ride and post-ride snacks are :) Ella is a Lume Six fan and wears the Alta Medium Impact Sports Bra while training and racing!

Getting to Know: Meg LaHatte, Rock Climbing

We caught up with Meg LaHatte to talk climbing, what she's up to this year and to get her climbing playlist :)

Getting to Know: Lara Hamilton

Lara Hamilton is an Australian Distance Runner who grew up Nordic Skiing and f...


Hydration and Exercise

The importance of hydration, how much water you need to drink, and how to know when you are hydrated.

Basics to Building a Recovery Meal

A step-by-step guide to building a post-workout meal for optimal recovery

What to Eat Post-Workout

Getting the right combination of nutrients post-workout is essential to make the most out of your recovery.
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